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Jane and Dundas

Monday 20 December 2010, 10:47

I took my bag of aluminum scrap to Canada Iron and Metal and they paid me four dollars for it, which is great; I would have been content to just make a present of it to someone who I'd be sure would recycle it. The trip cost me almost two hours on the last day before the movers will show up, and I'm not sure that was really a wise use of the time even if I did get four bucks; on the other hand, while I was out in that neighbourhood I saw no less than three used-clothing donation bins. So they haven't all disappeared, they've just gone into hiding. So the new plan is that I'll donate my old clothes here in Toronto after all - and I won't have to pack or ship them, and I can do the donation after the movers have left so it won't further eat into my before-they-arrive preparation time.

Now to see how much of my laundry card balance I can use up, since it's non-refundable.

More updates

Saturday 18 December 2010, 13:24

Very soon I'll be taking down and packing my main desktop computer. Although I'll still be able to read and write plain text email and make Web log postings after that, I won't really have full connectivity again until early January. In particular, you should not expect me to be able to see anything sent as an attached file, such as photos or video clips. That means you, Mom.

Getting rid of stuff

Thursday 2 December 2010, 11:34

In preparation for my move, I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of things that have piled up in my apartment and I don't want to pay to move. It's not as easy as it should be. I'll update this entry with more information, as I find it, on how to dispose of items - both for my own reference and for anyone else who needs to get rid of things in Toronto that are not regular garbage, but nonetheless not worth keeping.

Dead compact fluorescent tubes w/ballasts: the City of Toronto's Solid Waste program takes these. 400 Commissioners Street, down in the port lands, which is not as convenient as I might like, but at least it's on the 72 bus route and I can combine it with a trip to T&T for Chinese groceries. Shop at T&T, people, I have stock in the company.

Obsolete computer equipment: I have a fair bit of stuff like EISA expansion boards, which is too old to have any real re-use value. It hurts to treat it as garbage, knowing as well as I do just how valuable it was when new, and that in most cases it still does everything it ever did; however, it appears the City of Toronto will take most if not all of this stuff (same as the CFL bulbs, above) and I can get away with putting whatever they don't, in the regular garbage. CAUTION: it appears they do not securely wipe storage devices like hard drives.

Scrap aluminum: Not sure yet, but I have some email out; presumably a junkyard or foundry would be willing to take it.

Used clothes and bedding: Difficult out of all proportion. There used to be bins where you could leave unwanted items; now most of the charities that operate those have taken them out of service, because people were leaving unwanted items there. Particularly annoying is that I left my apartment this morning with a couple bags of items thinking to put them in the "united Hindu relief program" or whatever it is donation box a block away from my apartment, on the way in to work, and then when I got there I found the box had been removed some time in the last week or so, leaving me holding the bags (which are now in my office).