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Tarot spread generator

Saturday 14 May 2011, 11:26

After a decade on the Web, as of February 2018 the Tarot spread generator is moving to a new domain name: edifyingfellowship.org. Along with this change, a number of new features are being added to make it more compatible with current Web standards (mobile devices, encryption, etc.), and a new Wiki has been created on that domain where we can all share interpretation ideas and other lore.

Bookmarked links may still point to the old version in the short term, but all URLs for the old version will eventually be redirected.

The card images used in this system are scans from the edition of the Waite deck published in 1909 that collectors call "Pamela-A," and they are public domain in Berne Convention countries. See John B. Hare's comparison of the Pamela-A deck with another popular deck.