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Letter names

Wed 31 Mar 2010 by mskala Tags used: ,

(First posted in January 2003) From time to time I want spellings for the names of the letters in the Latin alphabet. Some, like "aitch" are fairly well known; others aren't. These are not standardized, and if you look around the Web you can find multiple choices for some of them. Often, the spellings people list aren't really suitable because, for instance, they may consist of just using the letter itself (no good if the point is to disambiguate between letters that look similar). Here's a list I've compiled from several sources that meets my needs and might be helpful to you, too.

A aay
B bbee
C ccee
D ddee
E eee
F fef
G ggee
H haitch
I ieye
J jjay
K kkay
L lell
M mem
N nen
O ooh
P ppee
Q qcue
R rare
S sess
T ttee
U uyou
V vvee
W wdouble-you
X xex
Y ywye
Z zzee (USA) or zed (most other places)

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