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Open letter to Joyce Bateman

Sat 21 Apr 2012 by mskala Tags used: ,

The latest evidence regarding the Conservative Party's fraudulent activities in the last Canadian federal election hits close to home for me because I live, and voted, in Winnipeg South Centre, one of the ridings subject to a court challenge by the Council of Canadians. The affidavit of Annette Desgagne is quite damning; people are calling it a smoking gun. One small ray of hope is that it's pretty clear this was all coordinated centrally, and probably by a small conspiracy. Much as I dislike the Conservative Party as an entity, I think there are some decent people within it, and it's likely a whole lot of them didn't know about the fraud and are as shocked by it as the rest of us. Most of the checks and balances of Canadian democracy have been emasculated under Harper, but it still remains that we can try appealing to the decent people within the Conservative Party to weed their own garden. Below is what I'm mailing to Joyce Bateman, CPC Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre.

Joyce Bateman
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa,ON  K1A 0A6

Dear Joyce Bateman:

I am a voter in Winnipeg South Centre, and you represent me in Parliament. Credible evidence has surfaced of voter tampering on a massive scale in the last election, in many ridings across Canada including ours. If there was tampering, it appears to have been centrally organized. You would never participate in such a thing, and so it necessarily would have happened without your knowledge. You are no doubt as upset by this possibility as I am. I have the right to know that my representative was elected honestly. You have the right to know that your mandate is genuine.

As such, I expect you to publicly take the lead in finding out the truth about the election in Winnipeg South Centre, and if it is proven that the unthinkable occurred, I expect you to deal with it honourably.

Matthew Skala

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