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What nobody else will do

Sun 7 Aug 2022 by mskala Tags used: ,

Somebody asked whether there's a purpose to my life (or that of whoever cared to answer) - on Twitter, where my profile description currently consists the the three words "Anchorite, apostate, asteroid."

I don't think there is. I used to think there was, but it's been some years since that fell apart for me. However, it's interesting what's left.

I think it's really important to do the things that somebody ought to do, and nobody else but me - or more generally, oneself - really can or will do. What those things are is, by definition, different for each of us but it sure seems like there is at least one thing like that for everyone and it's important to go ahead and do it. And in terms of revealed preferences or revealed beliefs or whatever, it's clear from my own behaviour that this principle really is something that I still act as if I believe in it. I'm still putting a lot of effort into doing the things that somebody ought to do, nobody else but me really can do, and maybe nobody else will really attempt; even now when I can't do what I thought was my purpose.

Maybe that can serve a role kind of like a "purpose to life."


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