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Projector's credit union

Fri 2 Nov 2001 by mskala Tags used: , ,

I went to open an account at the Projector's Credit Union. The PCU branch was tucked away behind the flashy modern CIBC branch, so that one would have to drive through the CIBC parking lot to get there. It was a small square building that looked like an old converted house, sitting at the edge of the parking lot among some scrubby blackberry bushes. I had chosen to deal with the Projector's Credit Union largely on the recommendation of my sister, who had told me that the tellers there were cute girls.

Inside the building I found a large room with some filing cabinets and two women sitting in folding chairs at cheap-looking collapsible tables. They weren't particularly cute nor exactly girls - the younger of the two looked about fifty. They looked like librarian types - nothing against librarians, but you know the look I mean.

I explained to one of the women, who identified herself as "Maisie", that I wanted to open an account, and she gave me some forms to fill out. Everything seemed straightforward until I got to the section asking me about my address and contact information on the Astral Plane. When I asked Maisie about that she explained that yes, the Projector's Credit Union's main business took place astrally; the branch in normal reality existed only to provide minimal services for clients who were temporarily unable to project for one reason or another. They did not actually administer a competence test, and would take my word for it if I claimed to be a projector, but the credit union was, by its charter, intended for projectors only.

Well, I guess that explained the name. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and open the account anyway. Thinking about it further, I guessed that when my sister had told me Maisie and the other one were "cute", she'd been referring to their astral bodies.

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