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Four point scale

Sat 10 Nov 2001 by mskala Tags used: ,

4.0/4.0 BLUE
The final battle; the brass-stringed harp. We know that this chair was designed to spin rapidly - look, here are the remains of the treadmill that drove it. But the records don't explain whether it was used for recreation, torture, or both.

3.7/4.0 GREEN
The price of admission; the leather gloves. Where Her tears land, the stones are bleached to quartz with veins of pure silver. Gather them carefully.

3.6/4.0 VIOLET
The final hymn before the feast; boxes and baskets woven from reeds. Carry a hot stone in these tongs. If you need water, you can use it to melt through the ice.

3.0/4.0 RED
The sins of the father; the carbon steel wicket. Sometimes if you listen very carefully you can hear them call below the noon whistles, but only once in a long time will you understand the words.

2.0/4.0 INDIGO
Youthful gaiety; the heavy wool trousers. Do not place one foot out of line, for the drop is great and the rocks sharp below; I cannot stop the ocean.

1.0/4.0 ORANGE
That which occurs in the secret dens; three horseshoes of differing metals. Hurry along the street, speaking to no-one. You are surely lost if they discover your name.

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