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Is that two point six?

Sun 18 Nov 2001 by mskala Tags used: ,


DS: Flight one we've got you clear for final descent

CP: Roger we are

DS: Message from Admiral Zarg

DS: Flight one you have the honor to be the first ship of our fleet to land upon the verdant oceans of this fertile world

DS: May the light of ten thousand stars shine upon our conquest

CP: Roger that Deepstar it shall be sweet to taste the soil of the planet

2O: For the glory of the prophet Kor!

1O: Yeah whatever Rix [2nd off]

CP: Natives never gonna know what hit 'em

1O: Jorb [captain] you better look at this

1O: Spectrometer kinda funny

2O: That is an oxygen reading

CP: Confirm how much oxygen

2O: Looks like thirty thirty one pergross

1O: Shit I thought it was two point six

2O: Maybe the spectro's bad

CP: Thought they checked this before thawing us

CP: Deepstar we got a question what is the atmospheric composition supposed to be down there specifically oxygen pergross is that two point six

DS: Flight one don't worry about the weather

DS: Just do your job guys

CP: Frigging idiots

CP: I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't important

CP: What does thirty pergross do for our heat shield

2O: Shield's only designed for two point six

1O: Jorb I don't like this we're already into the ionosphere and we don't know what's out there

CP: OK give me an abort

1O: We have a control failure

1O: The thrusters are sticky

CP: Well keep trying

2O: Try the retros

CP: Deepstar flight one we're going down

DS: Roger flight one descent looking fine keep your eye on that road ha

CP: Deepstar no we are

1O: Temperature it's five sixty out there

DS: Flight one you are what

DS [second controller]: We get signal

DS: Flight one you got a telemetry failure

DS: Crazy temperature reading

[automated warning: "bzorch bzorch pressure"]

1O: Got a hole down there

CP: [expletive] get me that cooler

1O: We're at eight sixty four sixty five

DS: Flight one what's going on

2O: For the glory of the prophet Kor!

CP: Come on cool your jets baby

1O: We're at nine twenty

1O: Deepstar we're burning up you better abort the whole show

CP: You better cut it right at the top the whole thing

[bzorch bzorch pressure]

CP: Come on baby

2O: We've got loss of signal that is much too early

CP: We're not gonna make it

1O: God look at that flare

CP: Shield just toasting right off

2O: We could never breathe that stuff anyway

[bzorch bzorch pressure]

2O: For the glory of the holy prophet Kor!

[disintegrator shot]

1O: Shit he

1O: He shot

CP: Somebody get me a bucket

[bzorch bzorch pressure]

UK: [unidentifiable]

[bzorch bzorch pressure]

[two disintegrator shots]

[bzorch bzorch pressure]


[Spacecraft destroyed by chemical reaction in planet's upper atmosphere, after misplaced duodecimal point in initial planetary survey caused factor-of-twelve underestimate of atmospheric oxygen. Entire colonization fleet followed. Approximately 300,000 crew and 4.2 billion deepsleeping colonists killed; all 94,626 ships destroyed over the course of 16 hours, peak rate of approximately 10000 per hour. Highest death toll on record.]

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