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Where it goes

Sat 24 Nov 2001 by mskala Tags used:

Sometimes it gets into the nose, and you can hear it humming and rattling around up there, but that's not too bad, it comes out again pretty soon and you barely even remember.

It's a bit harder when it gets into the fingers, because then you have to type it out if you type, or work it out some other way all depending on what sort of person you are. In the old days when a lot of people were laborers, they'd just have to live with it for years on end.

My favourite is when it gets into the mouth, because that's sort of like the fingers again but a lot louder and a lot more fun to listen to. You can hear it on the street corners and sometimes on the radio between stations, especially at odd times when most people are working or sleeping.

It's not so good when it gets into the feet. You just don't have the callouses, nobody does anymore, and you can get sore and tired after just a night or two. Bad for the shoes, bad for the toenails, bad all around - although you can meet some amazing people, that's one good thing.

When it gets into the bones, that's the most difficult of all, because unless you're very powerful, it'll be there all the way until death and decay set in. That's one way that corpse lights in graveyards get started; you can them them apart from methane because of the colours. When you live with it in the bones you don't get it out, it gets you out, and you just have to wonder and accept where it'll take you.


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