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The blessed ones

Thu 29 Nov 2001 by mskala Tags used: ,

The blessed ones, damn them, I wish they'd leave me alone. They start in just when the moon is slipping into that eclipse position, just at the corners, the fringes. My peripheral vision is pretty good, I can detect movement in practically any direction, but I can only see clearly through my glasses. So when they start sneaking into my field of view I only see their vague forms, green and pink, right on the edge there, I can't see their faces at all.

As the light starts to dim I can start to make out the glow and that's usually when they'll start whispering, and it's not like they're insulting or telling me crazy-talk or anything, it's worse, they just whisper right through a person, with that hissing vowelless voice that sounds like chalk on a blackboard, or your father blowing on his soup, you know? I always hated that sound. Completely unstoppable, and pitched at the tone that activates a whole electric line down my back alongside my spine. I curl like a caterpiller on a campfire when that voice gets into my head.

If they spoke to me, I could talk back.
If they attacked me, I could hit back.
If they had anything to do with this universe, I could find some force to make them go away, all the way away.

But they've been promoted to glory, they have nothing for or against me, and they don't even know I can see them, and seeing is all I can do to them. With each eclipse their bodies get a little bit brighter and their voices get a little bit louder and they steal closer to the edge of my glasses. I guess that's better than the alternative: I couldn't bear to have them floating in the space behind my head, making faces at me behind my back. The astronomers say that the eclipses will be getting deeper until they peak about a year from now. Soon the blessed ones will cross the edge of my glasses and I'll be able to see them for real. I don't know what I'll do then, but I'm sure I can figure out something.


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