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John he said

Thu 8 Apr 2010 by mskala Tags used: , ,

Walked on the beach today
Met John all a talk-talk
All a comfort my mind.

John said, lock have a key?
Puzzle solution in sound of the waves
Flight of a bird
All a ready when you are
Before you asked, I answered.

And John said look, see?
If I just scratch with my foot
Clear away the dirt
All a ready, it all prepared
Tell them bring a shovel
Bring a wheelbarrow
Better bring two.

And John said you, me?
Two cockles on the beach
Two coins in the roll
Two times I tell you
Tell them, tell them all a change
So everything remain the same.

And John said, never gotta be?
Won't ask you do you don't want to
Won't tell you be anyone else
Keep story all your life
Promise in salt promise in steel
Promise you in words you know
You never gotta stop dreaming
I promise.

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