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Fri 9 Apr 2010 by mskala Tags used: , ,

Desdemona, agent's daughter
Never would you cross the water
For the men who sought to take
Your quiet voice, your hidden face
Des, you held a thousand heroes
Peaceful in your arms.

Desdemona, banker's lover
Secret words behind the cover
For the men in tailored suits
You'd add, permute, and substitute
Des, before the net was cast
We all had faith in you.

Desdemona, decades past
The world was moving very fast
And you kept your secret, too
From all of us who wanted you
Des, you took so many months
Of idleness to crack.

Desdemona, caught somehow,
The battle-axe is buried now
So maybe fifty-six is old
And all your pretty secrets cold
Des, you'll hold the keys forever
Peaceful in your arms.

Oh, DES, you held a thousand heroes
Peaceful in your arms.


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