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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 5

Thu 5 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

In which there is No More Progress, and a Management Decision is Made

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Aardvark: Are you almost finished with that module for evaluating expressions?

Bandicoot: Yes! I have your module for parsing strings 80% complete!

A: Friend Bandicoot...

B: Yes, Friend Aardvark?

A: You told me 80% last week. If these percentages you're reporting are correct, then you haven't actually made any progress since then, and only 5% in the last month. We're already way behind schedule and at this rate, it won't be finished at all.

B: Well, time estimates are always somewhat approximate.

A: One is forced to ask, why? Why haven't you made any progress in the last week?

B: It's these optional features. Some of them are really giving me trouble.

A: It's been so long since we started this project, I don't even remember there being any optional features in that spec, and I don't have my copy handy to read about them.

B: Where is your copy of the spec?

A: I left it in the pocket of my other sweater. But, look, there's something I've learned about optional features...

B: Is this something you learned in management school?

A: Yes. You know what's special about optional features? They are...

B: Optional!

A: Right. So just implement the firm requirements, make sure it passes the test suite, and we'll call that good enough for the current iteration, okay?

B: Good, that's what I was hoping you'd say.

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