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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 6

Fri 6 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

In which Concern is Expressed for One's Health

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Aardvark: Good morning, Friend Bandicoot.

Bandicoot: Good morning, Friend Aardvark!

A: I'm surprised to see you here so early. Usually, you don't come in until just before lunch.

B: I was here all night!

A: Oh, I see. I suppose that explains why your software engineering trousers are so rumpled. You must have slept in them.

B: I didn't sleep!

A: Oh.

B: I spent the whole night working on the expression parser! And drinking energy drinks! But mostly working!

A: Well, if you made good progress, I'm glad of that, but all-nighters really aren't good for your health, and...

B: I finished the module!

A: Well, I'm sure the customers will be happy to hear that.

B: All except the optional features! Let me demo it!

A: Uh, I think really you should go home and get some rest now. Maybe we can look at it together tomorrow.

B: But you said the customers were antsy, and not the good kind of ants!

A: They can wait one more day. At this point, your health is more important.

B: Okay!

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