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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 10

Tue 10 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

In which Priorities are Set

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Bandicoot: Good morning, Friend Aardvark!

Aardvark: Good morning, Friend Bandicoot.

B: I'm wearing my programming trousers again today.

A: I can see that you are.

B: Well?

A: Well, what?

B: I'm ready for my next programming assignment.

A: Oh, did you finish the last one while I was away sick?

B: I finished it before you left. Remember? I showed you the demo.

A: But it didn't work.

B: Yes, it did.

A: It couldn't so much as add two plus two, Friend Bandicoot.

B: But you couldn't think of a use case where anyone would actually need the extra optional double-double feature, Friend Aardvark.

A: Look, I'm not willing to argue with you about this. The module has to be able to add two plus two. That is not optional. That is a requirement.

B: But the double-double feature is not in the--

A: I will rewrite the spec.

B: Oh.

A: Please make this your top priority.

B: But why?

A: Our customers need to be able to get correct results from addition.

B: But they can! They don't need the double-double feature. Why should I implement that?

A: All right, fine! It's just because I said so, okay?

B: I don't think this is a very functional style of management.

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