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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 11

Wed 11 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

In which Priorities have been Implemented

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Bandicoot: Friend Aardvark, Friend Aardvark!

Aardvark: Good morning, Friend Bandicoot.

B: I implemented the optional extra double-double feature!

A: You mean, the module can finally add two plus two?

B: That's what I said.

A: All right, let's see it.

B: Friend Computer?

Computer: READY

B: Friend Computer, "2+2"

C: 4.

A: Excellent!

B: Can I work on something else now?

A: Friend Computer, "make check"

C: Test 1, passed.

A: Looking good...

C: Test 2, failed. Test 3, failed. Test 4, failed.

A: I don't think this will do.

C: Test 5, failed. Test 6, failed.

B: Why not?

C: Test 7, failed. Test 8...10%

A: Here, I don't want to wait. Friend Computer, Ctrl-C.

C: 20%...Aborted.

A: Now let's look at the log... oh, I see.

B: I'm glad you see!

A: This is giving random incorrect answers on all expressions except "2+2".

B: Well, of course it is. That's what you wanted.

A: No, it isn't.

B: Yes, it is.

A: No, it isn't.

B: You very clearly said, referring to the double-double feature,

A: Please make this your top priority.

B: And you also said,

A: It's just because I said so, okay?

B: I just did what you asked, even though you had no reason for it.

A: I didn't mean it was acceptable to break everything else in exchange for the right answer to "2+2".

B: What do you think "priority" means?

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