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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 14

Sat 14 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

In which a Feature is Implemented, but At What Cost?

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Bandicoot: Friend Aardvark, Friend Aardvark! I've added that extra double-double feature you wanted in the parser!

Aardvark: Really?

B: Yes!

A: Really really?

B: Of course!

A: Not just "almost," Friend Bandicoot?

B: No, not just almost. See for yourself. Friend Computer?

Computer: READY

B: Go ahead. You do the honours.

A: Ahem. Friend Computer, "2+2".

C: 4

A: I can hardly believe it.

B: I guess we know who wears the trousers around here!

A: Friend Computer, "7-3".

C: 4

B: That feature wasn't in the spec.

A: Friend Computer, "floor(10/3)+1"

C: 4

B: Can I go now?

A: Wait a bit, I want to savour this. Friend Computer, "13+6"

C: 4

A: Friend Bandicoot?

B: Yes, Friend Aardvark?

A: You know what I'm about to say, right?

B: You're about to say "thank you"?

A: Not exactly. I don't think this is acceptable at all.

B: But it has the feature you wanted!

A: It can't add 13 and 6.

B: But you were obsessed with the double-double feature to the exclusion of everything else. You said it was the only requirement you really cared about, even though it was never in the spec. So, now you have what you wanted. Turn that frown upside down!

A: I did not say that. The spec, not me, said that correct addition was a very important one of several requirements, all of which were absolutely necessary. Correct addition includes both "2+2" and "13+6".

B: You can't just suddenly demand an extra "baker's dozen and a half" feature this late in the development cycle.


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