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Aardvark and Bandicoot, Chapter 15

Sun 15 May 2016 by mskala Tags used: , , , ,

Introducing the Mechanical Australian

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Bandicoot: Friend Aardvark, I've implemented the double-double feature you wanted in the parser.

Aardvark: Again, Friend Bandicoot?

B: Well, you keep telling me to re-do it.

A: I wish you would implement addition just once, correctly. But okay, let's see.

B: I even added the new extra optional baker's dozen and a half feature!

A: Uh, yeah. Great.

B: Friend Computer?

Computer: READY

B: Friend Computer, "2+2".

C: 4.

B: Friend Computer, "13+6".

C: 19.

B: What do you think?

A: Well, those seem right, but I'd like to try a few others.

B: I knew you were going to add extra requirements.

A: Friend Computer, "65+93".

C: 158.

A: "12-7".

C: 5.

A: "3*7".

C: 21.

A: So... can it pass the test suite, too?

B: Of course! Friend Computer, "make check".

C: Test 1, passed.

A: Well, that's a relief.

C: Test 2, passed. Test 3, passed.

B: I told you, it works perfectly.

C: Test 4, passed. Test 5, passed.

A: Well, I want to make quite sure.

C: Test 6, passed. Test 7, passed.

B: There, you see?

A: It is looking good so far.

C: Test 8, 10%...20%<cough>...

A: Here, that sounds a bit strange.

C: <cough, cough> 30%...

B: I don't hear anything.

C: <cough, cough>40...<gasp>percent...

A: That cooling fan sounds terrible! I'd better check--

B: What are you doing to Friend Computer with that screwdriver? Stop!

A: I just want to open this panel and look at... aha!

Dingo: Er, good day, mate.

A: I guess that explains the coughing noise.

D: Sorry. I was drinking me lager a little too fast, and a bit went down the wrong pipe.

A: Have you been hiding in there with a pocket calculator, and, yes, a huge can of lager, the whole time?

D: Just today. Bandicoot, me mate from programming school, said it were only necessary until we got past the test suite.

A: This won't do, Friend Bandicoot. We can't ship Friend Dingo here, or somebody like him, to every customer. The cost in lager alone would be prohibitive.

B: It's no wonder this project is behind schedule when you keep micromanaging me with extra requirements on how to achieve the goals, Friend Aardvark.

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